Monday, April 2, 2012

 Quinn has been doing good in school this year . He is in Therapy for OT with Megan . He look forwerd to see Megan every Thursday . Quinn is allso going to church every Sunday and long as he is on schedules he is find . Quinn  dosn't like to go were there is alot of people and sounds bother him alot but what seem's to not bother us bothers him . Quinn has ADHD and Autism . this school year they just tested him for Autism.So now he can get the help he need to get though school and Iam also getting him some help out side of  the school like his Therapy he go to every thursday .  he allso got a Tough Stuff Award in 1st Ouarter .He got Student of the month in January.  He got a Tough Stuff Award in 2ud Quarter . So he has been doing good this year . Quinn talks alot and some of it is self talk . we been helping him to know what is ok what is not ok  in behaver that is some thing he has to work on he doesn't know how to read yet we are helping him with that to . Quinn is 8 year's old .
Nathan just stared Kindergarten this year , Win they tested Nathan he know more then the kids in his classroom . Nathan can read  and he can spell words . He was in a spelling bee this year and he got stuck on the word  are but thats ok there is all way next year . Nathan got Academic Achievement Aueard this year to . Nathan is 6 years old and doing good .